Raptor Light

Raptor turnstile is one of the most reliable and robust hardware for access control systems. High protection from unauthorized access is provided by means of the turnstile dimensions — the full height of a man, that eliminates any possibility to pass through the turnstile, for example to jump over the passageway. X and Y-type rotors ensures 100% of control of a person access. The turnstile is equipped with enhanced electromechanical gear and is intended for indoor and outdoor installations: stadiums, manufactures, stations and airports.



Turnstile casing is made of steel, has a strengthened durable structure that ensures faultless performance of the hardware in ­severe weather and mechanical conditions.

Can be installed independently or as a part of access control system.

Several control modes of the turnstile are available: free, controlled, blocked.

Turnstile can provide access control for entry, exit and in both directions.

LED indication.

Low level of consumption due to turnstile’s simple design.




polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, Painted black metal


Polish stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, Painted black metal


Electromechanical enhanced

Overall dimentions

Case height: 2208 mm
Case length: 1510 mm
Case dept: 1270 mm
Passage width: 650 mm
Weight: 150 kg


DC power supply: 24V±15%
Power consumption: 25 W
Capacity: 20 men/min and more
Working temperatures: -30…+50°С
Dust and water protection rating: IP 53