The recently developed turnstile Lottoll is a unique design solution created for instant payment making. This model is an integrated payment system embodied in the miniature that requires no additional hardware or software installation and is intended for usage in public areas providing public services: transport, museums, galleries, art centers, toilets, subways, baths, etc. Lottoll turnstile is convenient to use and easy to maintain. Lottoll is a smart solution of narrow tasks.


Depending on the modification, the turnstile can be equipped with coin and bill acceptors, and can take only coins, or both coins and notes of several denominations.

The hardware has the receipt printer to print barcoded receipts for payment confirmation and for extra services provision.

The turnstile gives change with the coins of the acceptable values.

This model is equipped with electromechanical mechanism to ensure smooth and faultless long-term operation of the hardware.

The turnstile is equipped with large and comfortable display to show all the necessary information for payment and tips for users.

Additional installation of contactless card reader is available.

The antipanic function enables free passage in the emergencies by full opening of the turnstile. This function allows integration of the turnstile in the common security system and can be automatically activated simultaneously with the alarm notification.

On customer request, the turnstile’s software and interface can be localized depending on local currency or required language.




polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, Painted black metal

Tripod bars

aluminum, Polish stainless steel



Overall dimentions

Case height: 1839 mm
Case length: 510 mm
Case width: 225 mm
Passage width: 500 – 600 mm
Weight: 70 kg


Supply voltage: 24V±3%
Power consumption: max 350 W
Capacity: 20 men/min and more
Working temperatures: 0…+45°С
Dust and water protection rating: IP 42