Porta Neo

Porta Neo is a luxury turnstile with elegant and light design: it is a reliable equipment for the most difficult tasks, and will be great decoration of the entrance group of any building. It has rich color palette for the casing, wich is made from up-to-date materials. Porta Neo fits perfectly in any spaces such as Airports,Business centers, Culture centers, Trade centers and other public places.



  • The turnstile casing design provides easy access to mechanism for technical maintenance.
  • The turnstile is operated by the external control panel or external controller of the access control system.
  • The turnstile can be equipped with reader of 125 kHz RFID-cards or 13,56 MHz MIFARE® cards, or 1D/2D barcode scanner
  • The turnstile can be connected to the system via RS-485 interface, and can operate in on-line and off-line modes.



polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel


shockproof glass doors

Overall dimentions

Case height: 982 mm
Case length: 1515 mm
Case width: 150 mm
Passage width Porta Standart: 600 mm
Passage width Porta Disable: 900 mm
Weight of one body without glass: 70 kg


Supply voltage: 220 V± 10%
Power consumption: 60 W
Capacity: 25 men/min
Opening time: 1 sec
Closing time: 0.9 sec
Working temperatures: 0…+45°С
Dust and water protection rating: IP 43