Castle turnstile is a perfect combination of simplicity and reliability. Gaining all required functionality, this high quality hardware model has a reasonable price. The design provides the ability to mount different types of readers on the turnstile to simplify its integration into automated systems. Castle is ideal for high loaded sites with intensive visitors flow in both direction on the premises of various types, subways and transport platforms. The turnstile is designed especially for outdoor installation. It has proved its faultless performance under the boundary temperatures and high humidity conditions.



This hardware is designed to provide quick and easy access to the mechanism for service maintenance.

The antipanic function can be controlled remotely and enables free passage in the emergencies by full opening of the turnstile. This function allows integration of the turnstile in the common security system and can be automatically activated simultaneously with the alarm notification.

The turnstile can be equipped with different types of indicators (the card status, pass count and so forth) located in a stand or in a casing cover.

The installation of optional devices is available:

– the reader of 125 kHz RFID-cards or 13,56 MHz MIFARE®* cards to improve the reliability of the whole access system complex;

– the smart-tokens reader;

– the coin acceptor;

– the barcode ticket reader.

The model can be equipped with an electric drive for smooth and quiet passage or electromechanical drive that allows outdoor usage of a turnstile in all weather conditions.




polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel

Tripod bars

aluminum, polished stainless steel


electric, electromechanical

Overall dimentions

Case height: 1015 mm
Case length: 1165 mm
Case width: 260 mm
Tripod bars: 500 mm
Passage width: 550-600 mm
Weight: 41 kg


DC power supply: 24V±10%
Power consumption: max 30W
Capacity (depending of the gear type): electromechanical – 20 men/min and more, electric – 40 men/min
Working temperatures: -30…+45°С
Dust and water protection rating: IP=42/ IP = 53