Style High

Style-high is LOT Groups development in line with modern trends. The turnstile is equipped with extended height horisontally sliding flaps. This design guarantees high security and long lifespan. Turnstile flaps are made of tempered glass, and the hardware features faultless and smooth performance. Well-rounded and ergonomic design of the turnstile posts and expressive indication makes this turnstile safe and comfortable for users. Style-high is the optimum choice for installation as a part of access control systems, as well as automated fare collection systems, especially in the subways.



For passengers’ safety, the turnstile has no sharp edges.

High flaps for increased security.

Advance optical sensors to prevent unauthorized access.

Choice of normally-opened and normaly closed operation modes.

The installation of optional devices is available:

– the reader of 125 kHz RFID-cards or 13,56 MHz MIFARE®* cards;

– the barcode ticket reader;

– the smart-tokens reader;

– the magnetic stripe ticket reader.

An equipment to play some audio warnings can be installed to prevent unauthorized access attempts.




polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel


slidinng flaps made of temperated glass (cusomer marks placement is an option)

Overall dimentions

Case height: 1590 mm
Case length: 322 mm
Case width: 1700 mm
Passage width: 550 mm
Weight: 150 kg


AC power supply: 220 V
Power consumption: 120 W
Capacity: 20 men/min and more
Torque of the flap mechanism: 30 nm
Working temperatures: 0…+45°С
Dust and water protection rating: IP 32