Raptor Duo

The Raptor DUO full-height turnstile solves the problem of restricting access for facilities with high perimeter security requirements. The Y-shaped modification leaves more room for passage, making it faster and more comfortable for the user, while maintaining absolute reliability of protection against unauthorized access, thanks to the locking system with smart-rotor position control function. The new mechanism was developed taking into account the high requirements for operational characteristics, including climatic conditions and reliability, therefore not requiring frequent maintenance, which gives the option to use the turnstile in places where it is difficult to set-up a permanent guard post. Raptor DUO can be integrated with most access control systems available on the market, which means you can use it as part of an existing access control system, or choose the option that best suits your needs.





Supply voltage 24 V ± 15%
Power consumption (max) 360 W
Capacity 20 x 2 persons/min and more
Working temperatures –30…+50°С
Dust and water protection rating IP 54